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Greater Northwest Officials Academy

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be!

When June 15-17 (Fri – Sun)
Where University of Portland

$75 for PBOA members. 

** PBOA members will be reimbursed the registration fee.  Must participate and complete the academy.  Reimbursement will coincide with 1st pay period in the upcoming season. **

$125 for non-PBOA members


Registration must be paid in full to guarantee your spot. 


Participants will receive OCEP certification - Playoff eligibility


If you are interested in improving your game, this is an opportunity to get additional training to enhance your officiating skillset.


Who should attend? Who will be there?      For more info, contact: 
Any official that has a desire for self-improvement.
  • Kevin Brill, NCAA Tournament Referee
  • Various D-2, D-3, and CC Referees
  • Various Top HS Referees from Oregon & Washington                    
  • D-3, CC assignor(s) and HS assignors


Sponsored by the PBOA and presented by the PBOA Education Committee

 Payment by PayPal Accepted

Apply Here


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